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Washington Chapter

Welcome to the Washington Chapter of the IMIA. The IMIA's goal is for all IMIA Chapters to flourish to meet all the needs of the members of each region. While the IMIA is international it believes in the 'Think Global, Act Local' motto. We will have periodic conference calls to allow members in this region to network and find ways to advance the profession together in the region. Please email your representative with ideas, issues, and topics that you think should be discussed. The IMIA believes that organizing an IMIA Symposium each year in each state should be a key goal of the Chapter. If you are willing to volunteer to assist, please let your representative know.
To find or post medical interpreting conferences or events in Washington go to:

To find or post trainings and workshops in Washington go to:

To find IMIA members in Washington go to:

Corporate Members
To find IMIA Corporate members in Washington go to:

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Washington DSHS - State of Washington Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) Code of Ethics: http://www.dshs.wa.gov/msa/ltc/ethics.html

Chapter 388-03 WAC Rules And Regulations For The Certification Of DSHS Spoken Language Interpreters And Translators:

Procurement of Interpreter Services - 2013 Report

American Medical Student Association Advocacy Work

Guide to Hiring Independent Contractors in Washington State 

*Many WA interpreters are asking about requirements for background checks when working through HCA's broker-agency system or at DSHS appointments in general. *Our Interpreters United, Local 1671 union contract says, *"Annually, the interpreter will obtain one criminal history background check and keep it on file with one broker." * Visit the WA State Patrol's criminal history request website at:

to request a background check for yourself (currently $10) and then provide a copy to one of HCA's brokers.

State Chapter Chair and Vice Chair Positions Vacant

Chairperson Responsibilities:
- To represent the IMIA members in the division/committee
- To promote the profession and the IMIA organization to their division/committee members
- Act as a liaison between the IMIA committee/division members with the IMIA Board of Directors
- Moderate periodic conference calls with members of their division/committee (could be monthly, bimonthly or quarterly)
- To attend periodic IMIA Chairpersons meetings via conference call
- To moderate our yearly Division/Committee face-to-face meeting at IMIA conference or designate an adequate moderator
- To agree to a term of three years concurrent with Board elections
- Update the specific division/committee webpage on IMIA website with information relevant to the initiatives of that division/committee interests
- Other initiatives as deemed necessary for the specific needs of each committee/division
- Chairpersons receive mentoring, assistance, and support to accomplish their goals, by counting on a Chairperson Liaison and also by the Executive Director and the Administrator of the IMIA

Responsibilities of Vice-Chair:
- To assist the chair in all the tasks listed for chair as required, including chairing a meeting for the chapter should the chair not be able to attend.
- To assume the duties of the Chairperson when the chairperson is not present or available
- To apply for the chairperson position when the chairperson ends their term

Qualifications: Same as Chair

To Apply Please See Requirements for IMIA Representation:  


Please Note:
Only one letter of recommendation is required for vice-chairs, not two.

Former Rhode Island State Chapter Chairs
- - -

Barry Fatland

Additional Documents

>Letter of Recognition of National Certification from the Department of Health and Human Services 11/29/09

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