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Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

The International Medical Interpreters Association is a US-based international organization committed to the advancement of professional medical interpreters as the best practice to equitable language access to health care for linguistically diverse patients.

The IMIA is a non-profit organization based in Massachusetts, United States.

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Founded in 1986, with over 2,000 members, most providing interpreting services in over 70 languages, the IMIA is the oldest and largest medical interpreter association in the country. While representing medical interpreters as the experts in medical interpreting, membership to the IMIA is open to those interested in medical interpreting and language access. We currently have a division of providers, corporate members, and trainers. Policy makers, health care administrators, and others interested in medical interpreting are also welcome to join us as associate members. The IMIA has become the standard-setting organization for the profession of medical interpreters. According to our founders and By Laws:


- Define educational requirements and qualifications for medical interpreters
- Establish professional standards of practice and norms of medical interpretation
- Promote the establishment of professional interpretation and translation services by medical institutions and related agencies
- Act as a clearinghouse for the collection and dissemination of information about medical interpretation-translation and related issues
- Promote research into issues of cross-cultural communication in the healthcare setting
- Promote the medical interpreting profession


- Publish and promote periodicals, bulletins, notices, glossaries, dictionaries, reports, and any other publications that may further its objectives
- Hold Conferences, Symposiums and Stakeholder meetings
- Establish & maintain a certification process for medical interpreters
- Maintain membership in professional organizations in related fields
- Work actively with universities, foundations, government agencies, and other organizations in such matters as the training and continuing education of interpreters and translators

Privacy Notice

IMIA may collect data from you that you provide to us voluntarily such as your name, postal address, e-mail address, telephone number, and other personal information. The information we collect is used to improve the content of our web site, and may be used to contact you via e-mail or by regular mail, and to provide you with information that we believe to be of interest to you.

Transfer of information outside IMIA

We do not sell or transfer the information you send us to outside parties, except that your data may be transferred to an outside fulfillment company for processing and emailing purposes only.

Access to information
You may have access to your personal information at any time to revise, correct or delete it. If at any time you do not wish us to contact you or if you have any questions concerning our privacy practices, please feel free to contact us at Info@imiaweb.org

Feedback is not personal information
Data which is not personal, including feedback, questions, comments, ideas and suggestions shall be deemed to be non-confidential, and IMIA shall be free to disclose and use such data without any obligation whatsoever towards you, for any purpose and through any means.

Under no circumstances should you use the IMIA website to send IMIA confidential or proprietary information. IMIA does not want to receive such confidential or proprietary information.

By voluntarily submitting feedback to IMIA you are consenting to the above-noted terms of use.

Additional Documents

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