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State Chapters

If your state is not listed below, please feel to contact one of the following IMIA Representatives:

Eric Candle, IMIA State Chapter Chair Liaison, IMIA New York State Chapter Chair, IMIA Board Member

Dennis Caffrey, IMIA State Chapter Chair Liaison
Arizona - Vacant

Visit the Arizona page 


Oscar Comulada, IMIA Alabama RepresentativeState Chapter Chair:
Oscar Comulada, CMI

Visit the Alabama page 

ArkansasState Chapter Chair:
Iliana Rivera

Visit the Arkansas page 

California State RepresentativeState Chapter Chair:
Amani Zaki

Visit the California page 

Colorado State RepresentativeState Chapter Chair:
Nelly Berg

Visit the Colorado page 

State Chapter Vice Chair:
Dr. Lizbeth Mendoza

Connecticut - Vacant

Visit the Connecticut page

Delaware - Vacant
IMIA Delaware Vice Chapter Chair

Visit the Delaware page

IMIA Florida RepresentativeState Chapter Chair:
Emily Dalerta

Visit the Florida page

Georgia Vacant
Georgia State Chapter Vice Chair

Visit the Georgia page

Hawaii State Chapter Vice ChairState Chapter Chair:
Yuka Lysiuk​

Visit the Hawaii page

Illinois - Vacant

Visit the Illinois page

Indiana - Vacant 

Visit the Indiana page 

Kansas - Vacant

Visit the Kansas page

Kentucky - Vacant
John LaMar Cole

Visit the Kentucky page

Louisiana - Vacant

Visit the Louisiana page

Maine - Vacant

Visit the Maine page 

State Chapter Chair:
Kathy Howell

Visit the Maryland page 

Randa Yazbeck, IMIA Massachusetts RepresentativeState Chapter Chair:
Randa Yazbeck

Visit the Massachusetts page 

State Chapter Vice Chair:
Hoda Elshibiny

Michigan - Vacant

Visit the Michigan page

Judith CustodioState Chapter Chair:
Judith Custodio

Visit the Minnesota page

SNataliya Holentate Chapter Vice Chair:
Nataliya Holen

Darren Reed, IMIA Mississippi RepresentativeState Chapter Chair:
Darren Reed

Visit the Mississippi page 

Nebraska - Vacant

Visit the Nebraska page

 Nevada - Vacant

Visit the Nevada page

 New Hampshire - Vacant

Visit the New Hampshire page

 New Jersey - Vacant

Visit the New Jersey page

New York
Eric Candle, IMIA New York RepresentativeState Chapter Chair:
Eric Candle

Visit the New York page 

North Carolina
NC State Chapter Chair
State Chapter Chair:
Karla Pereira

Visit the North Carolina page

Ohio State RepresentativeState Chapter Chair:
Dr. John Makary

Visit the Ohio page 

Oregon - Vacant

Visit the Oregon page

Oklahoma - Vacant

Visit the Oklahoma page

PA State Representative

Visit the Pennsylvania page 

Rhode Island - 

Visit the Rhode Island page

South Carolina
State Chapter Chair:

Jeannette Houchens

Visit the South Carolina page

State Chapter Chair:

Dennis Caffrey

Visit the Tennessee page 

State Chapter Chair:
Valerie Mayer

Visit the Texas page 

Rosemary Rodriguez, IMIA Virginia RepresentativeState Chapter Chair:
Rosemary Rodriguez

Visit the Virginia page 

Utah - Vacant

Visit the Utah page 

Washington, DC - Vacant

Visit the Washington, DC page

Washington - 

 Visit the Washington State page 

West Virginia
Rosemary Rodriguez, IMIA Virginia Representative

Visit the West Virginia page 

Wisconsin State Representative

Visit the Wisconsin page 


IMIA is Seeking State and International Representatives

The IMIA does not yet have a state representative in every state, nor a country representative in each country but we are growing rapidly with your involvement!.

The responsibilities of an IMIA State Chapter Chair are:
- To represent the IMIA members in their state
- To promote the profession and the IMIA organization in their state to non-members
- To enable and coordinate IMIA Symposiums in their state
- Act as a liaison with the IMIA state members and with state organizations interested in language access by forming strategic alliances with these organizations
- Moderate periodic conference calls with members of their state (could be bimonthly or quarterly)
- Our liaison to keep the Executive Board informed of what is happening in your state
- To attend monthly IMIA Chapter Chair meetings via conference calls on the third Thursday of each month at 8:00 pm EST
- To attend yearly State Rep face-to-face meeting at IMIA conference
- To agree to a term of two years concurrent with Board elections
- Update state webpage on IMIA website with information relevant to state initiatives and regional and state organizations
- Other initiatives as deemed necessary for the specific needs of their state

Responsibilities of Vice-Chair:
To assist the chair in all the tasks listed for chair as required, including chairing a meeting for the chapter should the chair not be able to attend.
Qualifications: Same as Chair

Requirements to Apply for Leadership

Questions may be directed to



Additional Documents

>IMIA Representative Evaluation Form

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