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IMIA Celebrates Its 25th Year Anniversary

ISP Member Directory

We continuously strive to work together with those who train or employ professional medical interpreters. Below is a list of the organizations support the mission of the IMIA financially on a yearly basis. One of the best ways for corporations or non-profit organizations to support the professional medical interpreters is to join us. How else will they know what professional interpreters are doing to advance our cause for recognition as bona fide professionals? How else will we all collaborate together for the cause of equal access to professional interpretation services unless we unite forces? We are pleased to announce that, since September 2006, the IMIA developed a section on our website specifically to meet the needs of corporate members.




Able Translations Ltd. (
High quality language solutions to private and public organizations worldwide in over 100 languages and across multiple sectors. Able Translations is ISO 9001:2008-registered and certified under CAN/CGSB-131.10-2008, EN 15038 and Canada's National Standard Guide for Community Interpreting Services.
Maria Oliveira, Administrative Officer  (
Mississauga, ONT

AccessOnTime (
AccessOnTime provides language services including interpretation in-person / over-the-phone, document translation and transcription, and recorded statements nationwide. Our company prides itself on integrity, quality, passion, and commitment to providing the best service we possibly can.
Markhabo El Nasser, Supervisor
Anabela Lima, Business Director
Carlos Guanchez, Language Specialist Team Lead
Lake Mary, FL

Ad Astra, Inc. (
Ad Astra provides 24/7/365 linguistic support services, including translation, interpretation, transcription and language instruction, in 200 + native languages and sign language with a talent pool of trained and accredited linguists -- including 6,500 translators and 4,500 interpreters.
Lena Toolsie, CEO
Daniel Lee, Technical Writing, Media
Heather Barclay, VP Operations (
Silver Spring, MD

American Translation Partners, Inc. (
American Translation Partners is an international network of language professionals. We assist government, legal, medical, insurance, technical, financial, internet, software and various other markets with translators, interpreters, project managers and linguists in more than 200 language pairs.
Scott M. Crystal, Vice President (
Polly Chan, Director of Business (
Denise M D'Amaddio, Accounting Manager (
Raynham, MA

Amerigo Global (
Amerigo Global is a multi-lingual, full-service interpreting, document translation and website localization company located in Little Rock, Arkansas.
Seth White, President (
Little Rock, AR

ARCH Language Network ( )
ARCH Language Network is a premiere provider of comprehensive language communication services for the Twin Cities, Greater Minnesota. Arch team of highly trained, experienced professionals offers on-site or phone interpreting to clients in the medical and legal fields, social services.
Russell Hastings, President & CEO (
Saint Paul, MN

Assoc. of Translators and Interpreters of Florida, Inc (
ATIF is a non-profit professional association incorporated in the State of Florida to represent the interests of providers and end users of T&I industry services, by promoting professional recognition and growth opportunities through educational and training initiatives.
Giovanna L. Lester, President (
Emmy Prieto, Secretary (
Hallandale, FL

Berkeley Language Institute (
Berkeley Language Institute offers evaluation and training for medical interpreters as well as language skills testing. The evaluations are done either in person throughout California and over the telephone nationwide.
Francine Kuipers, CEO (
Eduardo Puyol-Martinez, Director of Operations
Lea Mendelovitz, Office Manager
Berkeley, CA

Boston Medical Center (
Elida Acuna-Martinez, Director
Sigfredo Salguero, Supervisor
Leda Orians, Supervisor
Boston, MA

Carolinas HealthCare System (
Carolinas HealthCare System
Danilo Formolo, Director, Language Services (
Gerardo Perez, Language Services Manager (
Rebecca Lloyd, Patient Representative
Charlotte, NC

Catholic Charities Archdiocese of Boston Community Interpreter Services (
For over 25 years, Community Interpreter Services (CIS) has assisted limited English speakers in accessing legal, health, educational, and other services through oral interpretation and written translation.
Marjean Perhot, Director (
Sue Kelliher, Marketing Manager (
Annie Durkin, Marketing and Technical Associate (
Boston, MA

Catholic Charities Maine - Language Partners (
CCME Language Partners provides quality interpretation in over 40 spoken languages, incl. many lesser-dispersion African langauges. We also produce translations in over 20 languages, and offer staff training in cross-cultural communication.
Arian Giantris, Director (
Tarlan Ahmadov, Case Management Supervisor
., Interpreter Services - Main Office (
Portland, ME

Certified Languages International (
Kristin Quinlan, CEO (
Kevin Cunningham, Sales--Medical Division
Portland, OR

Choice Translating, Inc. (
Choice Translating makes it easier for you to do your job well and reduce risk due to miscommunication. With The Choice Interpreting Advantage™ we help you deliver better outcomes and reduce risk. More information online at Because meaning turns on a word.™
Michelle Menard, President
Brandi Wyant, Office Manager
Charlotte, NC

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center (
Cincinnati Children's Hospital, rated within the top three pediatric hospitals in the nation, serves the medical needs of infants, children and adolescents with family-centered care, innovative research and outstanding teaching programs.
Ricardo A. Torres, Linguistic Services Manager (
Gerhardt Smith, Medical Interpreter (
Sandra Tomeo, Medical Interpreter

Cleveland Clinic (
Cleveland Clinic, a non-profit academic medical center, provides clinical and hospital care and is a leader in research, education and health information.
Kathleen Korosi, Program Manager, Global Patient Services (
Yolanda Becerra, Workleader, Spanish Office
Jackie Spence, Director, Global Patient Services
Cleveland, OH

Consortium of Interpreter Associations (COIA)
A forum for the discussion and collaboration on issues inherent to leadership of interpreter professional associations as a means to promote advancement of interpretation as a profession.
Izabel Arocha, Founder (
Abbott Thayer, Operations Manager (
Bedford, MA

CQfluency (
We are a communications company with a difference: cultural fluency that ensures your message is adapted seamlessly for your audience-- in any language, for any culture. CQ (Cultural Intelligence) is our approach to providing meaning and feeling to your communications.
Elisabete Miranda, President (
Hackensack, NJ

Cross Cultural Communication Systems, Inc. ( )
Active since 1996, CCCS is a recognized authority on cultural-linguistic services, providing consultation, interpretation, translation and training services to healthcare, educational,legal and business institutions nationwide.MA/PRF30,SOMWBA Certified Vendor in MA; MBE/WBE Certified Vendor in NH.
Zarita Araujo-Lane, President (
Linda Demmons, Contracts Manager (
Woburn, MA

Cross Culture Interpretation & Translation Services (
Cross Culture Interpretation & Translation Services is a Rhode Island based company, focusing our services in various Chinese dialects. We have competent and certified interpreters experienced in the medical, legal and community settings. Our interpreters are extremely professional and attentive.
Jocelyn Lau, Manager (
Judy Cheng, Manager (
Jean Sung, Interpreter (
Cumberland, RI

CTS LanguageLink (
"CTS LanguageLink has assisted us with translation and interpretation services for the past two years and has done an excellent job." -Los Angeles County Housing Authority
Yasema Tratz, Interpreter Relations Manager
Vancouver, WA

CyraCom International, Inc. (
CyraCom International is a leading provider of innovative language services, including to government, healthcare, and business. ISO certified, CyraCom has a wealth of experience and expertise in the fields of translation and interpretation (T&I) curriculum design, development, training and research.
Language Services, Department
Marketing, Department
Jonathan Levy, Director of Language Services (
Tucson, AZ

Duke University Hospital (
Duke Medicine integrates Duke University Health System, School of Medicine, and School of Nursing. A combination of research, clinical care, and education that takes place through the efforts of faculty, staff, students, and trainees at many different sites throughout the region and worldwide
Nouria Belmouloud, Manager (
Grisel Diaz, Staff Assistant/Medical Interpreter (
Durham, NC

Duke University Medical Center (
Duke University Health System
Nouria Belmouloud, Supervisor (
Luis Reyes, Medical Interpreter (
Grisel Diaz, Medical interpreter (
Durham, NC

East Los Angeles Interpreting Services
East LA Interpreting Services provides language services for various industries.We guarantee the appropriate interpreter certification and the highest quality service. Medical Treatment Appointments Medical Legal Exams Panel Qualified Medical Evaluations Agreed Medical Evaluations
Inez Cruz, Interpreter (

Eriksen Translations (
Eriksen Translations is a leading provider of translation, interpreting, typesetting, project management, web localization and cultural consulting in over 100 languages.
Loubna Bagnied, Interpreting Services Manager (
Farines Ramos, Interpreting Services Coordinator (
Brooklyn, NY

Federal Compliance Consulting LLC
Bruce L. Adelson, Attorney at Law/CEO (
Bruce L. Adelson, CEO
Potomac, MD

Folio Online (
Folio is a global leader in the provision of African language services. Our vision is to empower African language linguists by offering the opportunity to specialise in the medical interpreting field, as well as enable limited English speakers to receive proper medical care.
Lauri King, Project Manager (
Philip Zietsman, Managing Director (
Johan Botha, Director: International Clients (

Hong Kong TransLingual Services, HKSKH Lady MacLehose Centre (
Hong Kong TransLingual Services (HKTS) is solely appointed to be the interpretation service provider by Hospital Authority of Hong Kong. We mainly provide the on-site, telephone and written translation services our clients. Also, our services are non-stoppable throughout the year.
Wai-hei CHOI, Operation Manager (
Kai-chung Lo, In-charge of Ethnic Minorities Services
Muhammad Usman Toor, Chief Interpreter

Kyra Marino, Administrator (
Boston, MA

inlingua (
- private and corporate accelerated language training - translating and interpreting services - simultaneous interpretation systems
Cynthia Samaras, Executive Director
Barbara McCarron, Operations Manager
Boston, MA

Interpretes Brasil / Interpreters Associates Inc. (
We are a full service interpreting and translation company. We service almost 50 languages and work throughout the whole of the USA. Our company is international with offices both in MA as well as Brazil. Visit our websites: and
Ana Maria Brandao Liebl, Owner (
Arthur Liebl, Director (
Magna Krieger, Director of Special Projects (
Charlestown, MA

IRCO International Language Bank (
We provide personalized service, tailored specifically to each organization and each project. In addition to more commonly requested languages, we specialize in languages of limited diffusion. Our mission is to encourage and empower multi-lingual communities.
Ping Vanloeun Lao, ILB Manager (
Andreea Tufisi, Interpretaion Services Coordinator (
Monica Capone, Interpretaion Services Coordinator (
Portland, OR

Language Resource Center, INC. (
Abdullah Sheikh, President
Juel Sidow, Interpreter Manager
Kadir Hussein, Accounts Co-ordinator (
Charlotte, NC

Language Services Associates, Inc. (
Language Services Associates is proud to offer all encompassing language and cultural services, including Interpreting by Telephone (IBT), Face-to-Face Interpreting, Video Remote Interpreting (VRI), Translation and Localization, American Sign Language (ASL) and Intercultural Consulting.
Laura KT Schriver, PRESIDENT (
Stephanie Vine, Senior Sourcing Specialist-Vendor Procurement
Horsham, PA

LanguagesEtcUSA (
Languages etc...USA offers professional language services to the Legal, Medical and Media communities.
Anthony Karounos, Director  (

Lee Memorial Health System (
Diversity and Language Services Department at Lee Memorial Health System. The health system includes six hospital locations as well as other healthcare facilities and services, which include a home health agency, a nursing home, outpatient treatment, diagnostic centers, and physician offices
Yemisi Oloruntola-Coates, Diversity Leader
Lizette Vargas, Interpreter
Martha Mayorga-Beck, Diversity Assistant/Interpreter
Cape Coral, FL

LingoMD (
LingoMD is a translation and interpretation company that focuses on diminishing the disparities within our Health Care system among Limited English Proficient Patients. LingoMD is owned and operated by a health care provider and understands the needs of both the patient and providers.
Omar, President/CEO (
Austin, TX

Massachusetts General Hospital (
Anabela Nunes, Director (
Elizabeth Ramirez, Lead Coordinator
Boston, MA

MassAHEC Network-UMass Medical School (
Since 2001, the MassAHEC Network has trained over 300 medical interpreters annually. Training is available either on-site by our faculty or at scheduled workshops sponsored by our affiliated statewide network of Area Health Education Centers (AHECs).
Lisa Morris, Director CCI (
Janet Culpepper, Program Coordinator MIT (
Shrewsbury, MA

MasterWord Services, Inc. (
MasterWord Services, Inc. is a woman owned business founded in 1993 in Houston Texas. MasterWord supports all languages and offers one of the industry’s quickest response times with a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week availability.
Ludmila Golovine, President
Ryan Foley, Manager, Training & Assessments Division (
Olga Valdez, Manager, Interpretation Division (
Houston, TX

Medical Interpreters of The North Shore
William J. Schenck, CFO (
Cynthia Schenck, Owner (
Lynn, MA

Medical Interpreting Institute of California
Accredited trainer for Bridging the Gap Courses
Luis Echeverry, Instructor (
Veronica Amador, Office Manager
Anaheim, CA

Mile High Multilingual Services, Inc. (
Our mission is to provide high quality services with integrity, professionalism and respect while meeting your linguistic needs. MHMS provides services in different areas, such as medical, legal, academic, business, etc. Our interpreters are native speakers and professionally trained.
Pilar Munoz, President
Centennial, CO

Milford Regional Medical Center (
Milford Regional Medical Center, Inc. is a comprehensive healthcare system that comprises the Medical Center; Tri-County Medical Associates, Inc., an affiliated physician practice group; and the Milford Regional Healthcare Foundation.
Lucio Santos, Director (
Ann Wilkins, Director of Interpreter Services
Lucio Santos, Manager of Intepreter Services
Milford, MA

Minnesota International Medicine (
Minnesota International Medicine (MIM) is a Twin Cities-based consortium of physicians and hospitals delivering world-class medical care and personalized services for international patients in the friendly, thriving and culturally diverse cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.
Dr. Sherif Saad, CEO, Medical Director (
Nour Saad, Project Coordinator (
Minneapolis, MN

Multi-Languages Corporation (
Multi-Languages Corporation is one of the first companies in Canada to be certified by the EN 15038 (European Standards on Translation Services), the CGSB CAN 131.10 (Canadian Standards on Translation Services) and the NSGCIS-AILIA (Canadian Standards on Community Interpreting Services).
Lola Bendana, Director (
Ann Menoudakis, Intake Coordinator
Toronto, ONT

NCTA The Northern California Translators Association (
Offering a public access referral service, NCTA’s 600 members enjoy continuing education and networking events, quarterly meetings offering stimulating industry-specific presentations, our flagship publication Translorial, and the opportunity to find clients by participating in the referral service.
Juliet Viola Kniffen, NCTA Administrator (
Afaf Steiert, NCTA Director ex officio (
J. Mónica Pérez, NCTA Director ex officio (
San Francisco, CA

NITA (Nevada Interpreters and Translators Association) (
NITA is a non-profit association; as per March 5th of 2009, NITA is classified by the United States Internal Revenue Service as a tax exempt business league under section 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code.
Maria C. Davis, NITA Membership Director, Interpreter / Translator
Judy A. Jenner, NITA Vice-president, freelance trans and interp
Tracy Young, RN, LAS Coordinator
Reno, NV

Oklahoma State Department of Health (
Interpreters for the Oklahoma State Department of Health for customers inside the agency network.
Rogelio Meza, Interpreter (
Jessica Meza, Interpreter (
Linda Thomas, Director (
Oklahoma City, OK

Quantum, Inc. (
Founded in 1991, Quantum, Inc. is a multi-lingual and multi-faceted language services company which provides superior foreign language services, including in-person and telephonic interpretation, written translations and transcriptions in all languages and all fields of expertise.
Elsa Ugarte, Manager of Operations (
Quan Pham, Executive Director
Evelyn Simpson, Manager of Translation Services (
Philadelphia, PA

Stratus Video Interpreting (
Stratus Video Interpreting connects you to a live, video interpreter in under 30 seconds. Many languages are covered. Our Interpreters are available 24x7x365. Stratus can be loaded onto your PC, Mac, Tablet or Smartphone, and works over WiFI or 4G. Learn more about us at
Lois Strawbridge, Event Coordinator | Project Manager (
Kate Pascucci, Marketing Director
Clearwater, FL

SWITS has been breaking the barriers of linguistic and intercultural communication since 2002. Our interpreters help providers communicate effectively with their Deaf and Limited English Proficient (LEP) clients.
Saul Arteaga, Director
Sarah Tapia, Manager
Amy Polenske, Project Manager
Delavan, WI

Texas Children's Hospital (
Texas Childrens is ranked among the top children's hospitals nationwide, and is commited to redefining children's healthcare through patient care, education and research.
Valdemar Garza, Assistant Director Guest Services and Language Ser (
Violeta Riccio, Sr. Interpreter (
Analisa Luedtke, Interpreter
Houston, TX

The Language Bank - Lutheran Social Services (
The LanguageBank is a one-stop shop for communication access needs through high quality interpretation and translation services.We offer face-to-face and telephonic interpretation services in legal, medical and other social service settings. We also provide interpreters for American Sign Language.
Alen Omerbegovic , Program Manager  (
Alexandra Baer , Quality Assurance (
Amy Marchildon, Director (
Concord, NH

Tufts Medical Center (
Yingshu Jin, Acting Manager, Interpreter Services Department
Boston, MA

UC Irvine Medical Center (
Founded in 1965, the University of California, Irvine combines the strengths of a major research university with the bounty of an incomparable Southern California location...
Karen Francis, Supervisor Language Services
Reyna estrada, Medical Interpreter
Johana Rodriquez, Medical Interpreter
Orange, CA

UMass Memorial Medical Center
Estela McDonough, Coordinator of Education, Interpreter Services (
Connie Camelo, Director Interpreter Services
Worcester, MA

University of Michigan Health System (
Helping Limited English Proficient and deaf/hard of hearing patients enjoy equal access to quality health care. We offer professional quality, highly effective and relevant medical interpreter training courses. We translate medical documents and patient education materials.
Michelle Harris, Director (
Lindsay McCarthy, Marketing Director (
Jane Chang Miller, Education Division Coordinator (
Ann Arbor, MI

Vanderbilt University Medical Center (
Hope Collins, Manager
Niyme Griffin, Interpreter/Certified Translator
Terrell Smith, Director
Nashville, TN

Vocalink Language Services (
Vocalink is a Dayton, Ohio, based multilingual managed services company firmly positioned as a leader in the translation and globalization industry. We can help you centralize your international communications by managing your communication across cultures and with your international markets.
Jorge Crespo, Interpreter Relations Manager (
Amelia Rodriguez, CEO (
Lisa Stokesbury, Regional Operations Manager Interpreting (
Dayton, OH

Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center (
Linda Dorton, Interpreter Supervisor
Terri Childress, Administrative Supervisor
Winston-Salem, NC

Wentworth Douglass Hospital (
Wentworth-Douglass Hospital is one of the largest acute care hospitals in the Seacoast region of New Hampshire and Southern Maine...
Sandy Payne, Interpreter Services Manager
Marla Langille, Medical Interpreter
Ronald Politton, Medical Interpreter
Dover, NH

Yale New Haven Hospital (
Interpreter & Translation Services. Yale-New Haven Hospital (YNHH) is a non-profit, 966-bed tertiary medical center receiving national and international referrals.
Maria Angela Frentress, Manager, Interpreter Services
Maureen Rosselli , Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Coordinator (
New Haven, CT

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