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Interpreter Service Provider (ISP) Division

Who is an Interpreter Service Provider (ISP)? 
An Interpreter Service Provder (ISP) is an individual or organization that provides interpreting services. The term Service Provider is widely used to designate the organization’s staff working with a client. For the purpose of the National Standard Guide, the term references those that provide interpreting services. 

ISP Certification

PowerPoint Presentation on ISP Certification

PDFs Referenced During Webinar
LICS Certification Scheme
HIN National Standard Guide for Community Interpreting Services

Interview with Marli Viljoen, Project Manager of Folio, a South African Interpreter Service Provider
By Cynthia Schenk, IMIA Board Director, ISP Division, CEO Medical Interpreters of the North Shore


Benefits as an IMIA Interpreter Service Provider (ISP) Member:

*Your organiztion may have up to 5 ISP Representatives in the ISP membership profile, all of whom are entitled to full membership benefits

*Access to a database of active medical interpreters representing over 70 languages and dialects

* Opportunities for online job posting and face-to-face recruitment of skilled interpreters.

* Invitations to special committee meetings, training opportunities for the 5 representatives

* Special discount on sponsorship exhibitor spots at our annual conference and various symposiums and events

* Your organization will be listed with link on our website in the 'ISP Members' directory

* Your orgranization may use the IMIA logo on its web site (members may view details about this is HERE).

* Monthly ISP Division meetings to network with other ISP members

* We can act as technical consultants for you in matters of recruitment, testing, and standards compliance. For more infomation please contact: Info@imiaweb.org

IMIA Interpreter Service Provider (ISP) Division Chair and Vice Chair Vacant

To Apply for an IMIA Chairperson Position: See the Requirements (same as for IMIA Representation)

IMIA ISP Division ListServe

If you wish to subscribe to the ISP Division ListServe and participate in interesting discussions please go to

**You must use one of the email addresses associated with your IMIA membership profile to join the ListServe.**

You post a message by writing a new message in your mail program and sending that message to:



Additional Documents

>IMIA ISP Division Advertisement (PDF)

>ISP Division Seeking Chair and Secretary

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