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Kentucky Chapter

Welcome to the Kentucky Chapter of the IMIA. The IMIA's goal is for all IMIA Chapters to flourish to meet all the needs of the members of each region. While the IMIA is international it believes in the 'Think Global, Act Local' motto. We will have periodic conference calls to allow members in this region to network and find ways to advance the profession together in the region. Please email your representative with ideas, issues, and topics that you think should be discussed. The IMIA believes that organizing an IMIA Symposium each year in each state should be a key goal of the Chapter. If you are willing to volunteer to assist, please let your representative know.
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Patient Advocate Day in Kentucky to Underscore Access Issues and Need for Healthcare Reform

FRANKFORT, Kentucky (March 17, 2010) - Governor Steve Beshear signed a proclamation declaring April 4, 2010, Kentucky Patient Advocate Day. The Proclamation that Governor Beshear signed is part of a national initiative by the National Patient Advocate Foundation to celebrate patient advocacy.  Patient Advocate Day affirms a State's commitment to stand in voice and action as an advocate for the patient, based on principles such as:
- Access to prescribed healthcare is a basic human need and a shared societal
responsibility across all Americans
- All patients, even those experiencing financial hardship, need access to timely and
sustained medical care
- A serious diagnosis should open a patient's door to relevant clinical information;
access to the medical care system; help reaching informed and independent decisions,
and the benefits of appropriate support
- Continued, collaborative, and creative efforts among all levels of government, private
industry, health care providers, and citizenry are required to overcome the challenge
of ensuring healthcare to those in need and obstacles to progressive, fair, fiscally
sound, and effective healthcare for all.

Kentucky State Policy Liaisons, Jim Meade and  Col. Luke Barlowe with the National Patient Advocate Foundation, promoted the initiative with the Governor on behalf of Kentucky's patient population.

"I congratulate Governor Beshear on behalf of all patients for his forethought and careful consideration of improving access to healthcare for Kentucky," said Nancy Davenport-Ennis, Founder and CEO of NPAF. "Our organization is a valuable resource to legislators and others who seek to advocate for better outcomes and better lives for patients, since we answer calls for help, in many cases, during and after a health or medical crisis. We work first-hand with the difficulties that cancer patients and others with life-threatening diseases face, and can show where reform is urgently needed. Fighting the illness is only one part of the struggle."
By signing the Kentucky Patient Advocate Day proclamation, Governor Beshear joins his fellow Governors from Arkansas, Iowa, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, and Wyoming, who have already proclaimed a Patient Advocate Day.


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>Resolution Makes April 4, 2010 Patient Advocate Day

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