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Medical Interpreter Training Institute

National Center for Interpretation

July 12 - July 18, 2010


The University of Arizona

Target audience:
Spanish / English interpreters

Brief description:
The University of Arizona is offering three intensive Medical Interpreter Training Institutes (English/Spanish). These comprehensive and intensive programs offer all elements recommended by major health interpreter associations


Specialized terminology, including vocabulary building in forensic pathology, regional dialects, medical document translation, physiology, and anatomy.

Major Diseases will be introduced through practice with medical dialogues between caregivers and patients that will include an introduction to the disease, questions and symptoms associated with that disease. Consent Forms and Other Medical Documents more Legalistic in Nature will be reviewed and practiced.

Ethics, Procedure, Protocol, and Multicultural Awareness, including five one-hour presentations devoted to these topics. The objective is to help interpreters understand their duties, responsibilities, and boundaries as interpreters and to make them as useful as possible for the benefit of caregivers and patients. Special emphasis is placed on helping interpreters utilize their cultural competence to facilitate communication.

Intensive Interpreter Skill-Development, including intensive hours of drill, critique, and analysis in consecutive, sight translation, and simultaneous modes of interpretation using medical scripts that are geared to improve students’ ability to interpret between caregivers and patients.

Personalized Attention. Students attending the training have a wide-variety of skill-levels and needs. In order to best instruct them, time is set aside for one-on-one practice skill-development sessions and feedback on their particular work situation.

2010 will be the 11th year this training has been offered. Course methodology is based on the Agnese Haury Institute for Court Interpretation, the premier training program in court interpretation administered by the University of Arizona for over twenty years.

Contact information:
Vladimir Chetochine
Phone: 520-621-3615
Fax: 520-624-8130
Other info:

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