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Suggested Resources for Medical Terminology:

Cross Cultural Health Care Program Medical Glossaries:
We developed our medical glossaries because of the difficulty interpreters and translators reported in finding dictionaries covering medical terms in many languages. These glossaries contain a word list of 1,000 to 2,600. The Expanded glossaries contain the term in English, the translation, and the definition of the term in English.

DNA Educational Presentation
Great website about genetics and how it affects people's lives and society.

The Human Body An Illustrated Guide to It's Structure, Function, and Disorders

Online Games - Medical Terminology
Improve your understanding of medical terminology and of doctor's jargon.

Spanish-English English-Spanish Medical Dictionary/ Diccionario Medico Espanol-Ingles Ingles-Espanol
by Onyria Herrera McElroy and Lola L. Grabb

McGraw-Hill's Complete Medical Spanish

The ABCs of Medical Translation:  Strategies to Identify, Translate, and Manage Acronyms and Abbreviations
Erin Lyons' Presentation and additional related materials from 2009 ATA Conference, New York
Medical Symbols:
Error Prone Abbreviations:
ISMP Campaign:

Glossary - Psychiatry and Neurology

Glossary of Mental Health Terms from Australia

ISBN 0-671-02727-1 ($7.99)
The entire manual is available for free consultation online

Merck webpage in Portuguese

Merck International Websites

Physiology Home Page

Web MD

AIDS Information

Inner Learning Online

Anatomy Tutorials

Oncology (English < >Spanish)

Medical Interpreter Glossary, English-German

Source of Spanish terminology on health. High register and well done.

Medical Dictionary English and Somali
It provides the most up-to-date English and Somali medical terms in a format that is useful to the general reader as well as to medical interpreters and ...

Genetic Counseling Glossary - Chinese <> English

Genetic Counseling Glossary - Spanish <> English

HIV Spanish English Glossary

Anatomy of the Eye

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