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Medical interpreting in Spain is not an established profession yet. However, it is undergoing a clear evolution.

Bárbara Navaza is the IMIA Spain Chapter Chair

Bárbara Navaza works as a medical interpreter since 2006. She studied at Universidade de Vigo (Spain) and at the School of International Interpreters at Université de Mons (Belgium). She specialized in Public Service Interpreting and Translation at Universidad de Alcalá de Henares (Spain). She works at Hospital Universitario Ramón y Cajal (Madrid) and collaborates with several universities. She is a member of RITAP (Network of Interpreters and Translators of the Spanish Public Administration) and participated in the creation of the White Paper on Institutional Translation and Interpreting. Her publications and research mainly focus on interlinguistic and intercultural mediation in the health realm.
06/25/2012IMIA Spain Chapter Symposium

This Event is Co-organized by Universidad de Alcala and IMIA
June 25-26, 2012
University of Alcala (
Madrid, Spain

The COMUNICA NETWORK is an active body fighting for the recognition of the profession. It is a group of researchers from the different regions of Spain. Its main purpose is to become a Permanent Observatory on Cross-language and Cross-cultural Communication in Spain, with a focus on public service interpreting and translation, and providing a critical and committed approach.
State of Affairs
A summary of the current situation of public service interpreting in Spain will shortly be posted on the Comunica Network webpage.
Post-Grad Training: Máster Universitario Europeo en Comunicación Intercultural, Interpretación y Traducción en los Servicios Públicos, Universidad de Alcalá de Henares
Post-Grad Training: EUTISC: Experto universitario en traducción e interpretación para los servicios comunitarios: Mediadores lingüísticos, Universidad de La Laguna
Technical Resources: UniversalDoctor Project
Allowing for communication between healthcare professionals and patients from different cultural backgrounds.
Technical Resources: SALUDyCULTURA
An information portal informativo on intercultural mediation and medical interpreting, with multilingual info and cultural data.
Health centres offer interpretation in 62 languages but 90 per cent of demand is for English
IN THE first seven months of this year nearly 2,400 medical consultations in Málaga province have been conducted using the telephone interpreter service provided for non-Spanish speakers by the Andalucía health service's Salud Responde programme.
«Saque la lengua, por favor» Panorama actual de la interpretación sanitaria en España Bárbara Navaza, Laura Estévez y Jordi Serrano
Press Release - IMIA Appoints Spain Representative April 1, 2010
Libro Blanco de la traduccion institucional
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