Russia Chapter

Sergey A. Popkov, M.D., Ph.D, Dr.Med.Sci is the IMIA Russia Chapter Chair

A graduate of the Russian Peoples' Friendship University specializing both in medicine and translation/interpretation, I have made a successful career as a physician. A Professor of the Moscow State Medical Dental University, Dr. of Science in Medicine, Professor, an author of more than 180 scientific works published in medical publications in Russia and abroad. Along with my medical career, I have always been found of the translation/interpretation profession. In 1993 was invited by MARK Business Translations Ltd. to take part in medical translation projects, where was promoted to head the medical translation section of the company. On a freelance basis, provided translation/interpretation services at international conferences, to the Russian Medical Association, Moscow Municipal Health Committee, numerous pharmaceutical companies, and many other clients. A strong advocate of the medical interpretation profession willing to contribute to its formation and recognition in today's multinational Russia.


Ivan Borshchevsky is the IMIA Russia Vice Chair

My name is Ivan Borshchevsky and I live in Russia. I was born on April 19, 1975. I went through a course in technical translating in 1992 during my last year at school. Then I studied linguistics and psychology in Pyatygorsk State Linguistics University. My degree thesis was named "Teaching Hearing Impaired Children a Foreign Language: Psychology, Principles and Methods". I used to work as a school psychologist for a couple of years and then entered Stavropol State Medical Academy to study clinical psychology. I graduated from the Academy in 2003 with a first-class honors degree and worked as a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist in children's sanatorium. At the same time I began working as a medical translator (English and Russian) and interpreter (Russian Sign Language). And now translating/interpreting is my main occupation. I'm also a short story writer and one of my stories was nominated for a "Writer of Year 2011" Award.

"Translation Forum Russia 2013", Sochi, the host of 2014 Winter Olympic Games