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Silent Auction

Help us raise funds for the cause:
Silent Auction at IMIA Conference and on our IMIA Auction Blog coming soon!

A silent auction is a great fundraising technique frequently used at charity events so the IMIA is planning on having one to raise funds to advocate for our cause and to help spearhead new interpreter initiatives . It differs from the typical auction conducted by an auctioneer who calls out the prices for items and then takes the raised hands or paddles of people as bids at a certain price. It's often a preferred means for raising money at charitable events because it does not detract from the activities at the event.

So what is our cause?
Our mission is to advance the profession worldwide as a means to ensure that language minority patients receive their medical care in their language, it's a patient safety issue. To achieve this, we have been advocating for the professionalization of the field through client education, certification, training accreditation, and the reimbursement of medical interpreters.

At the Conference:
We will set up table displays of items or services upon which people can bid. A minimum bid may be set, especially when the item is of high value. Paper is located near the item, which allows for people to write down their names and bids. This gives people a chance, during the event, to tour the different items available for auction and decide upon which items they would like to bid. At the end of the event they will collect their items at the Auction Display Area.

For those not attending the conference you can bid on the upcoming IMIA silent auction blog when it is set up before and during the event!!!

Online Auction:
For those not attending the conference you can bid on the upcoming IMIA silent auction blog when it is set up before and during the event! You can bid online and volunteers will put your bid on the paper. They will also update the online bids as conference attendees bid on different items.

To see the online blog go here: http://imiaauctionblog.wordpress.com

Please help us make this a successful fundraising effort! You can participate in many ways:

1. Join the crew of volunteers making this happen at the conference.

2. Donate to the IMIA a nice interesting object or a service for the silent auction. ( no used or worn items PLEASE ).  All you have to do is either email us the description of the service with links and photos to info@imiaweb.org or if it is an item please mail it to the IMIA address at 800 Washington St. Box 271 Boston MA 02111-1845, USA.

3. Call a hotel or a restaurant chain for us to see if they will donate a night out or a dinner for two for the cause of language access! Below is a link to a script and information to send to possible corporate or individual donors that you call. http://imiaauctionblog.wordpress.com

We thank you in advance for your personal contribution as a donor, outreach volunteer or participant to further the cause.

For more information please contact:

Additional Documents

>Silent Auction Suggested Script to Request Item Donations

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