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Presentation Proposal Submission Form

Please make sure you fill out the form with CORRECT and COMPLETE spelling of your name and/or professional title, this will be published in program material.

Contact Information

First name *
Last name *
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Organization * (You may indicate N/A)
Professional title (Ex: Dr., RN, PhD)
Region (if outside of US/Canada)
Country *

Presentation Information

Title of proposed presentation *

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Presentation abstract (maximum 500 characters; to be used in program material) *

Please list 3 learning objectives for this workshop *

Main Presenter Bio * (maximum 2000 characters; to be used in program material)

Level *
Beginning (for attendees with 1-3 years of experience)
Intermediate (for attendees with 4-6 years of experience)
Advanced (for attendees with 7+ years of experience)

Presentation Format *

Upload professional headshot *:

Please be aware that a limited number of presentations will be allowed with co-presenters. IMIA will allow up to 2 co-presenters.

Co-presenter #1

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Bio (maximum 2000 characters; to be used in the program material)

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Co-presenter #2

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IMIA Powerpoint Template

Please download and save the template to be used for your presentation at the IMIA event/Webinar

Presenter Agreement

The International Medical Interpreters Association (IMIA) is a non-profit organization committed to equal access to quality health care for all people and to the advancement of professional medical interpreting. Membership to the IMIA is open to all those employed in, interested in, or concerned with medical interpreting. The IMIA represents practicing medical interpreters as the ultimate experts on medical interpreting.

Toward the above goals, the IMIA engages in the following activities:

  • Defines educational requirements and qualifications for medical interpreters
  • Establishes professional standards of practice and norms of medical interpretation
  • Promotes the establishment of professional interpretation services by medical institutions and related agencies
  • Acts as a clearinghouse for the collection & dissemination of information on medical interpretation and related issues
  • Promotes research into issues of cross-cultural communication in the healthcare setting
  • Promotes the medical interpreting profession

In understanding the IMIA conferences/events/Webinars/programs are for educational purposes, I agree with the following conditions set forth in this form:

By submitting this proposal, I am making a professional commitment to present at the IMIA Conference/Webinar. If I become unable to present for any reason, I will contact outreach@imiaweb.org immediately.
I will prepare my presentation to the best of my ability and will meet all deadlines required.
(Conference only) I will register for the conference. All confirmed presenters (and up to 2 co-presenters) will receive a reduced conference registration rate. Presenters are responsible for their own travel and/or accommodation expenses.
I will allow workshop abstract and presenter bio to be listed in the program material.
I understand the IMIA will schedule my presentation according to what is best for the programming and its attendants.
I will be courteous to the audience and fellow presenters by sticking to the official workshop schedule.
I understand the workshop is for educational purposes and is NOT intended to sell or promote products or services. During my presentation I will refrain from:
  • Promoting my organization/company
  • Wearing my organization/company uniform or logo
  • Promoting my affiliated organization/company's products and/or services
(Conference only) I understand hard copy handouts are the responsibility of the speaker to create and print. (Plan to bring approx. 50 copies with you to the Conference venue).
I agree to download and abide by the IMIA PowerPoint Presentation template.
I understand I can only use the official, approved version of the presentation submitted to the IMIA; any edits or alterations to the presentation will be submitted to the IMIA in a timely fashion for record-keeping.
I understand that IMIA may photograph/videotape/record my presentation to be included as part of the IMIA website (You will be given an option to opt-out at a later date).

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